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Our Completed Projects

Shannon Hill Deck & Lattice

Cleaner/Brightener, scuff sand and Sikkens SRD Natural to Deck & Lattice.

Mt. Assiniboine Place, Stucco Exterior

Stucco Done with ICI Diamond Series Flat in HC-73 Colour

McKenzie Lake View

ICI Diamond Flat Exterior to all Stucco, Benjamin Moore Aura Semi-gloss to doors, low-lustre to trim

Mt. Copper Gn

2 Coats Sherwin Williams A-100 to all stucco, Flood solid stain to trim, Benjamin Moore Aura semi-gloss to front door

Mt. Sparrowhawk Place

2 Coats ICI Decraflex to all Stucco, 1 Coat Flood solid stain to fascia

Lake Erie Rd

Flood Solid stain to all soffits, siding and trim, Benjamin Moore Collection semi-gloss to front door

14th Ave SW

Benjamin Moore Collection Eggshell to all walls